Wesleyan Publishing House has developed these free discipleship resources for the local church. These resources are ideal for nurturing spiritual formation church-wide or in small-groups. The Wesleyan Church seeks to support and enable shepherds who have been called to make flocks of disciples, to shepherd them, and lead them into a deeper Christlikeness.

This Shepherding Resource includes: Membership Application Form and Belonging Membership Attendance Roster.

About the Books

Belonging: Membership Guide for The Wesleyan Church, is a resource of The Wesleyan Church that guides members through The Wesleyan Church’s core beliefs and values and helps members better understand many of the difficult issues facing churches and society today. Ease of use and seven adaptable sessions make Belonging a popular choice for membership classes.

Belonging is available in both hardcopy and ebook formats for participants and leaders, and in combination kits with and without the What it Means to be Wesleyan DVD.