Wesleyan Publishing House has developed these free discipleship resources for the local church. These resources are ideal for nurturing spiritual formation church-wide or in small-groups. The Wesleyan Church seeks to support and enable shepherds who have been called to make flocks of disciples, to shepherd them, and lead them into a deeper Christlikeness.

This Shepherding Resources includes: Group Leader’s Guide

About the Book

Structured with eight weeks of daily readings and thought-provoking questions, this attractive and accessible workbook is an excellent facilitator for engaging open and authentic group discussion in the local church. As the centerpiece tool of the Mosaix Global Network ( www.mosaix.info), this book has already been instrumental in bringing together within churches so many ethnicities that, by the world’s standards, seem irreconcilable.

MARK DEYMAZ is the founding pastor and directional leader of the Mosaic Church of Arkansas and the co-founder and President of the Mosaix Global Network. He is the author of Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church and Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church.

ONEYA FENNELL OKUWOBI serves as the Director of Cultural Inclusion at Peoples Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also directs City Cohorts for the Mosaix Global Network.