Learn to create safe spaces to talk with friends about Jesus at StartAMicro.com. Many believers struggle to share their faith with their friends because they worry about rejection or have a lack of confidence. MICRO offers two free 90-minute trainings:

  1. The MICRO Path (Self-Paced Online Training) where you learn a few things and then collect your own thoughts on the subject, then move on to the next part. It’s great for anyone that prefers to just jump in solo and either speed up on what you want to skim, or slow down for what you want to think harder on.
  2. Then there’s the MICRO Event (Live, Interactive Online Training) held periodically by experienced and energetic MICRO trainers. It’s great for anyone that prefers to learn in a more interactive webinar format.

Of course anyone can learn to start conversations about Jesus naturally and confidently by asking questions with a free downloadable conversations checklist and check out the MICRO approach first at StartAMicro.com.