Awaken Songs Of Praise began as a take on Psalm 108, but became a song that is split between soul talk, calling the Church to worship, and  praising God.

We see soul talk represented in the Psalms. David talks to himself often in sung prayer. In Psalm 42 and 43, “Why are you cast down, O my soul; for I shall yet praise him, the help of my countenance.

Who can forget Deborah in Judges 5:21 where she says, “O my soul, march on in strength?” Inspired by the works of Charles Wesley, the fourth verse says, “His pierced hands and wounded side call for all my love.

This song can be utilized as an opening song, gathering the Church to the presence of God already in their midst.

This download contains a collection of the music files, chord charts, and lead sheets for the songs on All Will See.

Thanks to the Wesleyan Worship Project for creating and sharing this resource!

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