What if every Wesleyan Church joined together to create an awe-inspiring ripple effect by supporting the church multiplication movement? 

On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit empowered the first body of believers to go out and multiply believers, leaders, and churches. As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost Sunday this year, may we fearlessly continue expressing Jesus’ original vision of multiplication!

Church Multiplication Sunday gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Pray for future workers of the harvest 
  • Be broken for those who are missing from Christ and the church 
  • Communicate your church’s vision for multiplication 
  • Provide a strategic giving day for churches to raise additional funds that directly support multiplication initiatives connected to your church, planting network, or district church planting project 
The Church Multiplication Sunday 2018 All-Church Kit includes…

…a message (transcript & slides), NextGen materials (kids & youth), free eBook (Becoming a Ripple Church), instructions for setting up online giving, and more!

We are incredibly thankful for the team that developed these resources for the local church:

  • Documents (.docx, .pdf, .rtf)
  • Presentations (.pptx, .keynote)
  • Videos (.mp4)
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