Everything you need to prepare for and serve your church during Christmas and Advent.

Choose from our 2018 collection of Christmas and Advent resources below! We’ve partnered with some of our local Wesleyan churches to curate a collection of amazing Christmas and Advent Resources. This collection includes devotionals, sermon outlines, and sermon series’ that will bless your congregation. If you’d like to view our entire library of these resources, click here for Christmas resources, and click here for Advent resources.

Do Good Feel Good Christmas

“Do Good Feel Good Christmas” is a 4-week Christmas series for the month of December. The joy of the Christmas season comes not by receiving gifts, but doing good for others. In this series, we explore how creating a heartfelt Christmas we’ve always desired is actually found by giving ourselves away for the good of others.

“Arrival” is inclusive of our variety of Christian faith traditions, with additional guides for the worship leader and parents for multi-generational worship at church and at home. It’s also adaptable for kids and teens, and small groups, while created for whole congregations.

Intentional Christmas

“Intentional Christmas” includes three messages that present a moving challenge, “What if we take hold of the season and choose to be intentional? Instead of getting caught up in the chaos, let’s be intentional in love, generosity, and celebrating God’s gift to the world.”

Arrival – An Advent Sermon Outline

“Arrival – An Advent Sermon Outline” is a sermon series containing four weeks of Advent sermons plus a Christmas Day/Christmas Eve sermon.

“One Christmas” is a four-week holiday series for the month of December. Week 3, “If You Knew,” includes a salvation message. You are invited to download all of these resources and edit them for use at your own church.