Advent and Christmas form a cohesive unit of time divided into a rhythm of fasting and feasting, of preparation and of celebration. Crafted for both individual and congregational engagement, this Advent resource offers the Local Church liturgical resources, such as Candle Lighting Readings, Graphics, and Responsive Readings, while also offering the individual or family take-home resources for further personal engagement outside of the weekend worship gathering.

This resource is inclusive of the particularities of our variety of Christian faith traditions, with additional guides for the worship leader and parents for multi-generational worship at church and at home. This resource is adaptable for kids and teens, and small groups, while created for whole congregations.

We’d like to thank Pastor Emily Hines of Brookhaven Wesleyan Church for providing this resource.

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Revised 12.10.18

  • Corrected Scripture passage on 2nd Monday.

  • Booklets, Readings, and Calendar (.pdf)
  • Advertisement (.pdf)
  • Graphics (.jpg, png)