How do you teach children about missions? Kids need to know and understand that they can follow the example of Christians around the world, and can make a difference right where they are. Wesleyan Kids for Missions (WKFM) is designed to help with that! The free downloadable curriculum includes monthly lessons (September-June) featuring different countries and missionaries, and even provide an opportunity to raise money to support various projects!

The 2016-2017 WKFM curriculum has a new travel theme! It is “One Big World: Kids Making a Difference,” and the memory verse is Isaiah 52:7:

What a beautiful sight it is to see messengers coming with good news! How beautiful to see them coming down from the mountains with a message about peace! How wonderful it is when they bring the good news that we are saved! How wonderful when they say to Zion, “Your God rules!”

WKFM was created to help teach missions in a way that works for every children’s ministry. You can use pieces of the curriculum to fill your time frame and customize it to fit your group size and needs.

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