Wesleyan Publishing House has developed these free discipleship resources for the local church. These resources are ideal for nurturing spiritual formation church-wide or in small groups. The Wesleyan Church seeks to support and enable shepherds who have been called to make flocks of disciples, to shepherd them, and lead them into a deeper Christlikeness.

This Shepherding Resource includes: Sermon Notes, Group Guide

About the Book

Join New Testament scholar Kenneth Schenck as he reflects deeply on the final week of Jesus’ life, from his final entry into Jerusalem through his resurrection, as it is presented in the gospel of Mark.

Based on the solid scholarship found in Schenck’s two books, Jesus—The Mission and Jesus—Portraits from the Gospels, The Passion of Jesus provides thirty days of deeper devotions focusing on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, Jesus in debate, Jesus and the temple, the Last Supper and arrest, the betrayal and crucifixion, and the resurrection. Each devotion will challenge you to engage, examine, and explore another aspect of Jesus’ passion and then take it to God in prayer.

KENNETH SCHENCK is academic dean and professor of New Testament and Christian ministry at Wesley Seminary in Marion, IN. Dr. Schenck is the author of several books, including God’s Plan Fulfilled, Jesus—the Mission, and Writings of Paul Collection.

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