A person invites Jesus into their life and we all rejoice. However, many new Christians-especially those with little or no church background-then feel lost at church. They hear unfamiliar Christianese words being tossed around, but are often too embarrassed to ask questions everyone else seems to know. They hear, “Now read your Bible and pray,” but many think the Bible is too hard to understand, and are not sure how to pray.

To help them overcome these obstacles and feel comfortable at church, where their faith can grow, The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit For New Christians:

  • Brings new believers up to speed with entry level Bible basics,
  • Removes barriers that hold them back,
  • Reveals treasures they can find at church, in the Bible, and through prayer,
  • Equips them with easy hands-on tools to take their first steps with Jesus.

This book can be used:

  • As an easy-to-read book to give to new Christians when they receive Christ, are baptized, or to help any new believer,
  • With a one-on-one mentor (*a question & answer sheet is included with your download),
  • As an introduction or overview for a New Believers class.

We’d like to thank Kris Lindsey for providing a free download of The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians in Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats.

A paperback version of the book is available for purchase at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. You may also email Kris Lindsey at krislindsey22@gmail.com for quantity discounts.

REVISED 01.05.2021 – updated version from the author, replacing personal examples allowing pastors/leaders to use it more effectively.

  • eBook (.mobi, .epub, .pdf)
  • Supplementary resource (.docx)