Wesleyan Publishing House has developed these free discipleship resources for the local church. These resources are ideal for nurturing spiritual formation church-wide or in small groups. The Wesleyan Church seeks to support and enable shepherds who have been called to make flocks of disciples, to shepherd them, and lead them into a deeper Christlikeness.

This Shepherding Resource includes: Sermon Notes, Group Leader’s Guide

About the Book

The decision to follow Christ is not the end of the road but the launch point for a new kind of journey—a journey into the heart of holiness. Too often Christians have thought that obtaining forgiveness from God for our sins was the whole point. Instead, it is the prerequisite for a whole new way of life—the life that God intended when he first placed Adam and Eve in the garden.

Experience a genuine change of your heart’s desires. Find in holiness a contentment that sin can’t provide. Discover the freedom to live authentically before God and others. Rise above disappointment and failure by embracing love over law. Ignite your passion to bring love and justice to the world. Embrace the life of Christ and let him lead you to the joy of a life of holiness.

STEVE DENEFF is the senior pastor of College Wesleyan Church in Marion, IN. He has more than thirty-five years of pastoral experience and travels as a conference speaker and leadership trainer. He is the author of 7 Saving GracesFaultLines, and coauthor of the best-selling SoulShift.

  • Sermon Notes (.pdf)
  • Group Leader’s Guide (.pdf)