Advent means ‘arrival. ’It is a season of waiting, where Christians around the world anticipate the arrival of Jesus ’birth at Christmas. But while the culture around us rushes ahead to the celebration, we intentionally join in the practice of waiting, retracing our steps in the great Story, remembering how humanity longed for the hope of Immanuel, God with us.

During this Advent, we will retrace those steps all the way back to the beginning, because the whole story of Scripture has been pointing ahead to the hope of Jesus. Here is where we are headed…

Throughout the Old Testament, God makes 5 core Covenants with His people:

  1. Adam & Eve
  2. Noah & Family
  3. Abraham & Sarah
  4. Moses & Israel
  5. David & The Kingdom

They are more than marks on a timeline of chronological events. They are an outline of salvation history, fulfilled and completed in Jesus. Together, they give us a framework for understanding the (often confusing) Old Testament. But even more, they prepare us for experiencing the pinnacle of human history, the Advent arrival of Jesus. Without them, we can’t see the whole picture. Through these covenants, we will watch a deeper understanding of Jesus’ Advent arrival come into view.

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