Multiethnic Conversations for Kids is the newest edition in the Multiethnic Conversations family!

Available in both print and digitally.

Living in unity—despite differences—is a goal of Jesus’ prayer to His Father. Multiethnic Conversations for Kids was created to help us reach that goal!

Multiethnic Conversations for Kids features twenty-one Bible stories about being in one purpose. Read a chapter every night for twenty-one nights or three chapters a week for seven weeks.

Developed with parents and children in mind, this book is the perfect tool for grownups to have meaningful conversations with their elementary kids about how we can all come together.

Interested in the resource, but want to know more?

Download the first three days free!

Get an understanding of the content and structure, as well as the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Free coloring pages!

Get 3 coloring pages created from the illustrations in Muliethnic Conversations for Kids! Each illustration references a bible story shared in the book.