Wesleyan Loan Grant

Financial Wisdom

Education and Clergy Development seeks to development healthy, fit and effective ministers for a lifetime of ministry. We desire to see pastors who are able to overcome the stressors of ministry and flourish. Finances are the source of one of key stressors for clergy today and it’s why we are helping to tackle the issue of school debt and financial illiteracy. The Wesleyan Ministerial Loan-Grant program is one way we are seeking to do this. In additions to receiving funding for ministerial education, loan-grant recipients have the opportunity to complete the Financial Wisdom requirement. After a recent survey we conducted of Wesleyan Pastors, their spouses, and key laity in their church, we are discovering more than ever the need for pastors to have adequate training in personal finances. For this reason, we have collected (and will continue to do so) a list of opportunities at our schools, our approved seminaries, and via other independent methods for developing the competencies of financial wisdom.

About Financial Wisdom and Loan-Grant

Ministerial Loan-Grant students are required to certify completion of one of these courses or demonstrate mastery of our financial wisdom outcomes as a pre-requisite for eligibility of cancellation of their loan-grant. (Loan-grant recipients are able to receive disbursements before completing this requirement. However, no cancellation will occur post termination of studies if they have not fulfilled this requirement).

Options for Completion

The form below identifies the methods of completing this requirement. Students are welcome to select “Other” for course options not listed here. Such courses will be subject to approval. Students should submit a syllabus of any such courses.  All recipients must complete THIS FORM.