Faculty Development Loan Grant

The Faculty Development Aid Program exists to support Wesleyans achieving the highest academic degree in a field (typically PhD) so they may be equipped to serve in The Wesleyan Church, especially in The Wesleyan Church’s academic institutions.

The Faculty Development Aid Program is a loan program administered by The Wesleyan Church through the Division of Education & Clergy Development.  The loan becomes a grant as the recipient serves The Wesleyan Church in an educational capacity of various forms. Applicants should understand that in requesting aid from this program they are applying for a loan that must either be repaid or cancelled through subsequent service. Applicants should sense that they are being called to serve in educational ministry or educational service.


Additional information and to Apply

Information regarding eligibility and loan stipulations.

To Apply you will need:

  • A current CV
  • 1 Recommendation/reference letters from a Wesleyan pastor
  • 2 Recommendation letters from two academicians who know your achievement and potential
  • If you are a minister, a recommendation letter is needed from your District Superintendent

To be completed and submitted once approved and each additional year you are seeking funding (Funding may be requested up to 3 years).