Preteens (ages 10 to 12) are at a critical time of transition and spiritual formation. Not quite teens, but no longer children, they require focused attention to help them grow and mature through this difficult and confusing time.

Explore, a discipleship series for preteens, will help you lead preteens from salvation to church membership, from serving within the church to serving outside its walls. The series includes eight student books, each containing six weeks of lessons, for a total of forty-eight weeks of material. Each set of six lessons culminates in a celebration event.

The Leader’s Guides contain the material you need to lead a small group or individual discipleship lessons based on two student books.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Explore Leader’s Guide (1&2)
  • Uncover the Truth about God (Explore Student Book 1)
  • Discover Your Place in God’s Plan (Explore Student Book 2)
  • Explore Leader’s Guide (3&4)
  • Experience God’s Power in You (Explore Student Book 3)
  • Encounter Your Mission for God (Explore Student Book 4)
  • Explore Leader’s Guide (5&6)
  • Investigate God’s Word for Yourself (Explore Student Book 5)
  • Link Your Life to God (Explore Student Book 6)
  • Explore Leader’s Guide (7&8)
  • Unearth God’s Image in You (Explore series Book 7)
  • Represent the Evidence for God (Explore series Book 8)

You are invited to download all of these files for use at your own church.

We’d like to thank Wesleyan Publishing House for making this resource available in the Resource Center.

  • Leader Guide and Lesson Plans (.pdf)
  • Student Activity Book (.pdf)
  • Cover Images (.jpg, .png)