Lent & Easter Resources



Everything you need to prepare for and serve your church during Lent and Easter.

Choose from our collection of Lent and Easter resources (past and present). We’ve pulled some of our past resources created at Wesleyan Headquarters as well as some resources from some of our local Wesleyan Churches. If you’d like to view our entire library of these resources, click here for our full collection of Lent and Easter resources.

This 2018 Lent Devotional contains seven weeks of Lent devotional readings that can be used personally, or for the entire family. Each week covers readings through the book of Mark in addition to a weekly spiritual discipline focus.

Encounters with Jesus

“Encounters with Jesus” is a 7-week sermon series that examines the lives of gospel characters who are transformed after being in Jesus’ presence. This series was created for use during Lent leading up to Easter Sunday. Week 7’s message (Triumph) is specifically geared for Easter Sunday.

Life in Color

Check out this 3 week Easter Series that focuses on inviting friends, preparing your heart, and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!

Divine Appointments (SpringLife 2011)

Divine Appointments is the 2011 SpringLife series which teaches us that every name has a soul. The series will equip new and old believers to live out 1 Peter 3:15.

Learn the difference between “BEHOLD” and “BE GOOD.” Our salvation (getting to heaven) rests on BEHOLD — not on BE GOOD!.

The Roads to Jesus is the 2012 SpringLife 8-week series that takes us through eight roads which lead to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.