Wesleyan Clergy Wellbeing Research

Education & Clergy Development has been privileged to partner with clergy care researchers to garner relevant data on the wellbeing of Wesleyan clergy. Here you will find multiple reports from the Flourishing in Ministry project conducted by Dr. Matthew Bloom, reports on the financial compensation of Wesleyan clergy, and physical wellness of our clergy. ECD relies on this evidence-based research to provide the highest possible care and support for Wesleyan pastors and their families.

Wesleyan Clergy Reports

2014 and 2020 Flourishing in Ministry Reports

The Division of Education & Clergy Development of The Wesleyan Church has been an active participant in the ongoing research on clergy wellbeing being conducted by Dr. Matthew Bloom and his team at Notre Dame University. This longitudinal study is called, “Flourishing in Ministry.” It is part of a national research initiative funded by The Lilly Endowment. Currently, over 10,000 clergy have participated in the study which provides national norms for clergy wellbeing. The Wesleyan Church participated in two waves of this study which are reflected in the two reports listed here.

2015 Financial Foundations Pastor Report

This survey was conducted as part of the initial research on the financial health of Wesleyan clergy, providing the foundation for developing the Thrive Financial Initiative.  

2020 Physical Wellness Report

This report on the prevalence of disease in Wesleyan clergy is the result of a doctoral dissertation conducted by Angie Mook at Indiana State University. · One-page Infographic Report · Narrative Report

2022 Clergy Compensation Report

This 2022 Wesleyan Clergy Compensation Report covers three broad areas of interest in relation to clergy finances: 1) demographics of the clergy who participated in the; 2) some key factors that relate to clergy compensation; 3) and initial findings regarding financial health and financial stress clergy are experiencing.  

Additional Resources:  Research Reports from Matt Bloom

Resources from the Notre Dame University Wellbeing at Work Project: “Flourishing in Ministry.”

Research insights based on firsthand data collected from clergy in North America and analyzed by Dr. Matthew Bloom and his research team at Notre Dame University. These informative and helpful reports target various aspects of clergy wellbeing. Click here for resources.