We all have moments in which we ask ourselves: “What Was I Thinking?”   This 5-week series reminds us that sometimes it’s good to stop and remember what we thought about God during these moments.

Each of the 5 teachings focuses on a powerful truth about God, as uncovered through the study of King Asa in II Chronicles 14-16.

Week 1: “God Is More Powerful” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – How would you live if you knew God was more powerful than you think?

Week 2: “God Is More Present” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – God is more present than we think (we are not alone) and invites us to “lean-in” to his presence!

Week 3: “God Is More Loving” from Pastor Kevin Queen – God is more loving than we think, and He invites us to receive it.

Week 4: “God Is More Holy” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – Nobody is perfect, but we strive to be holy in all we do by following Jesus.

Week 5: “God Is More Active” from Pastor Kevin Queen – God is more active than you think, and He invites you to join Him in His work.

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