Matching Grants for Coaching

Through a generous investment from our premier partner Full Strength Network,  Education & Clergy Development is excited to partner with PastorServe to provide matching scholarships for professional coaching for Wesleyan pastors. PastorServe is a proven, professional coaching organization that can help you thrive personally and professionally.


Scholarships are applied to a package of 12 coaching sessions over either a 6-month (2x/month) or 12-month (1x/month) period. Here is how to apply for PastorServe coaching so you can operate at Full Strength and Thrive in your ministry:

  • Use this link to contact PastorServe and fill out the application. PastorServe will work with you to find your best coach.
  • Use the code “Wesleyan” on the application form.
  • Agree to coaching for 12 sessions.
  • Agree to fill out a brief assessment of your experience with Full Strength Network
  • Through the generous matching grant from Full Strength Network the price for the pastor (or District or local church) is reduced from $150/session to $52.50/session.

PastorServe Coaching:                            $150

ECD/FSN Matching Scholarship:             $75.00

PastorServe 30% Match Discount:         $22.50

Match from Pastor, Church or District:   $52.50

We are excited to offer this investment to help you be healthy, fit, effective and to thrive.