“Parenting Through Proverbs” is a 5-week series perfect for back-to-school season as parents set new goals for their families.  Each teaching addresses the specific struggles and opportunities of every stage of parenting – from when children are very young through adulthood.

The teachings build upon each other and therefore are best delivered in order.  (Note: We offered an additional bonus teaching online, “The Zax – Parenting Through Prodigals,” for parents in this unique and difficult situation. That video teaching is included in this resource.)  

Included in this resource are the messages, sermon notes, small group study guides, graphics, project files, and a “story overview” bumper to set up each teaching and serve as a refresher for Dr. Suess’s classic children’s books.  You’ll find these bumpers in the Support Videos section below.  Simply select the story overview that matches the book name in the message title.

Week 1: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” from Pastor Sean Myers – Focus on the people your kids can be, not the places they’ll go.  What we do with our kids is far more important what we do for our kids.  Scripture: Proverbs 3; Proverbs 22:6

Week 2: “The Discipline Years: Yertle the Turtle” from Pastor Kevin Queen – As parents, we must love our kids irrationally and discipline diligently.  Scripture: Proverbs 19:18; 16:18; 16:4; 23:25; 3:11-12

Week 3: “The Training Years: ‘What Pet Should I Get?” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – My dream is for my kids to become responsible adults.  Scripture:  Proverbs 10:5, 11:3; 20:25, 25:14

Week 4: “The Coaching Years: ‘Mulberry Street” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – In this culture that encourages self-indulgence, we must exercise self-restraint.  Scripture:  Proverbs 13:4, 18; 16:32, 25:28

Week 5: “The Friendship Years: Thidwick” from Senior Pastor Kevin Myers – What are parent’s roles when their kids are grown up?  Scripture:  Proverbs 11:24-25, 12:15, 15:1, & 22

Bonus Teaching: “The Zax – Parenting Through Prodigals” from Pastor Sean Myers – What do we do when someone that we love runs away from God?  Scripture: Proverbs 1:7, 14:8, 14:3, 16:18, 19:3


  • Sermon video (web access)
  • Sermon audio (.mp3)
  • Sermon notes (.docx, .pdf)
  • Small group study guides (.pdf)
  • Graphic (.jpg)
  • Project files (.rtf, .psd, .ai. zip)
  • Support videos (web access)