“One Christmas” is a four-week holiday series for the month of December. “If You Knew,” includes a salvation message. You are invited to download all of these resources and edit them for use at your own church.

Week 1 – “The Heart of a Man:” Lean into the good desire to engage. Fight against the selfish desire to disengage. Scripture: Matthew 1-2

Week 2 – “Mary:” Mary’s two questions for women: Will you treasure God before a guy? Will you hold things together? Scripture: Luke 1-2

Week 3 – “If You Knew:” If you knew of God’s greater gift, love, and plan, you would say “YES” to God. Scripture: Luke 2; Luke 15

Week 4 – “Where Do You Look?” We must keep a balance of celebrating how far God has brought us and anticipating where God is leading us. Scripture: Joshua 4:20-24

Included in this resource are messages, sermon notes, graphics, project files, and videos.

We’d like to thank 12Stone Church for providing this resource.

  • Sermon and Support videos (web access)
  • Sermon audios (.mp3)
  • Sermon notes (.pdf, .docx)
  • Graphics (.zip)
  • Support videos (web access)
  • Small Group materials (.pdf)
  • Help guide (.rtf)