Our baptism services are high energy and always attract younger children who want to participate. When that happens, we invite the parents (without their child) to participate in a process called Leading Your Child to Christ (LCTC). A two-hour training session teaches parents how to evaluate their child’s readiness to take that step. The parent is given a booklet they can use with their child to guide that spiritual discussion and/or decision.

Afterwards, the parents and their child participate in a multi-session 12Stone environment called “Casting Call,” which helps them both understand how to live out that decision to follow Jesus. After successful completion of that class, the parent and child can choose to participate in a family baptism event.

Casting Call – I’m a Christian Now! Younger Kids – is designed to be given to kids when they accept Jesus Christ as Savior. This updated version helps kids understand the decision they have made and what it means to live a Christian life. Each week focuses on a new topic like following Christ through actions, and developing a quiet time.and application activities.