Joshua’s Men, authored by Executive Pastor Dan Reiland, is a one-year intensive leadership development process designed for a small group of 7-8 specially-selected men. For over 20 years, Joshua’s Men has been used by leaders around the world to develop a strong network of Christian men who are dedicated to serving the Kingdom.

Here at 12Stone Church, over 400 men have been invested in through this program. Although all ages have benefited from this process, it targets married men between the ages of 25 and 40 who show the potential for leadership ability. This resource includes everything you’ll need to begin a successful Joshua’s Men program at your church.

There are three very important steps for getting started:

1. Go to the “Before You Begin” section of files below.

2. Download the file, “How to Use This Resource,” along with the files, “An Overview of the Joshua’s Men Process – Listening Guide” and “The History of Joshua’s Men/Introductory Letter.”

3. Next, listen to the brief, 25-minute audio entitled, “An Overview of the Joshua’s Men Process.” In it, Dan will personally explain the program and how it works. This is an invaluable program overview that will help you understand the heart and the mission of Joshua’s Men. Please don’t skip it!

Once you understand the program and what it entails, proceed to the “Getting Started” section. These are the documents you’ll need to welcome participants, communicate with their wives, etc.

Next you’ll find a separate section for each month of the program, including leader guidesparticipant guides, and any other supplemental materials. Please remember that you are free to customize the materials to meet your church’s unique needs.

  • Before you begin documents (.docx, .pdf)
  • Audio overview (.mp3)
  • Getting started packets (.docx., .pdf)
  • Monthly leader and participant guides (.docx, .pdf)
  • Men’s creed example (.docx, .pdf)