“Intentional Christmas” includes three messages that present a moving challenge, “What if we take hold of the season and choose to be intentional? Instead of getting caught up in the chaos, let’s be intentional in love, generosity, and celebrating God’s gift to the world.”

Week 1: “More & Better (Part 1)” – What does it mean to have an intentionally Jesus-centered, others-focused life? Jesus intentionally pursued you; so you must intentionally pursue Jesus. Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2

Week 2: “More & Better (Part 2)” – Others-focused kindness is at the heart of Christmas and the road to a better life. Kindness (being others-focused) builds a better life for at least two reasons: Kindness confronts and conquers selfishness; and kindness makes more deposits than withdrawals Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25

Week 3: “Joy of Christmas” – When we violate God’s principles for life, marriage, morals, money, relationships, business, and when we play god in our life – we mess up life as God designed it, and life breaks down. The joy of Christmas is knowing that Jesus came in the midst of our sin not to get even, but to forgive us! Christmas is an invitation to do business with God. Scripture: Romans 5:8 (Note: We do not have audio or sermon notes for our “Joy of Christmas” message on Christmas Eve. Please refer to the weekly message description here for information on the teaching and enjoy the “Joy of Christmas” video. This was an engaging, family-friendly service, which also included a powerful invitation for salvation at its close.)

Included in this resource are messages, sermon notes, graphics, project files, videos, and many samples of what 12Stone Church’s Intentional Christmas print pieces looked like. We pray these inspire you as you create your own Christmas materials.

We’d like to thank 12Stone Church for providing this resource.

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