A Five-Week Teaching & Small Group Series


Week 1 – What makes for a Home Run Life Dream? What can we learn from Joseph’s Life Dream? What is the pattern? How do you run the bases of life? Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 , Genesis 37-50

Week 2 – First Base: In the Vine, is the power to win within. When I drift from the vine, I drift into vice.  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Week 3 – Second Base: Figure out what counts on the last day, so that you know what to count every day.  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 5

Week 4 – Third Base: My Purpose is into Creator, not my Career! So I live & work for my creator first!  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 

Week 5 – Home: When & Why I’m Convinced, Compelled, and Committed to running the bases backwards. Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 II Corinthians 5 

Home Run Book:

For five hard years Christian leader Kevin Myers struggled personally and professionally. But it was during that time that God pointed out where he was going wrong and showed him the biblical pattern for living. It proceeded to transform his life, leadership, ministry, and relationships. During that time John Maxwell also became his mentor. Purchase a copy here. 

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