God is with us. God got involved. He stepped into the middle of humanity by becoming a man to build a relationship with us. We need to be willing to take a chance and allow God to be involved in our lives. Jesus desires to be a part of our communities and allow Him to be the center of our focus.

It is wise as Christmas quickly approaches for us to consider the lengths He took to love us. In what ways will you let others see God in you at Christmas time?

This kit includes:

Logos, Slides, Sermons, Adult Lessons, Youth Lessons, Children Lessons, Devotions, Family Ideas & Activities.

Series Summary

Week 1: Community – God’s Intention All Along – (Genesis 2:18-24, Luke 1:26-28)

Community – God’s Intention All Along – You will do best in community with God and His people. This Christmas, as always, it is good to reflect on the fact that God loved the world so much that He sent His son so that we can be saved. In addition to this, ponder the fact that Jesus has made it possible for community, as God intends it to be, a reality that you experience. An authentic relationship with God and people awaits for you through the grace made possible by Jesus Christ.

Week 2: Life in God is Dynamic – (Exodus 40:34-38, Luke 2:8-18)

Life in God is Dynamic! – God demonstrated His dynamic ways by sending His Son to us while we were yet sinners. He is a God who is on the move; He is missional. God calls His followers to embrace a lifestyle of “being on the move” for Him. god calls ou to be missional. This “being on the move” response to God is seen in the OT example of the Israelites following the cloud and the NT example of the shepherds seeking out the Christ Child and telling others about Him.

Week 3: God Makes Himself Known – (Isaiah 2:1-4, Matthew 2:1-12)

God Makes Himself Known – God really does make himself known to people and nations. You can count on this in your own walk with Christ. In addition, as a follower of Christ, part of the way you can help others connect to God is to assist them in seeing how God has made himself known in their lives.

Week 4: The Implications of the Incarnation – (Isaiah 7:1-17, Luke 2:10-20)

The Implications of the Incarnation – Jesus has come as God incarnate. God in flesh. He has come to redeem those who put their faith in Him. Never buy into the lie that God is distant and uncaring. God offers relationship with Himself through the incarnate Jesus Christ. What an offer!

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