“Game Changers” is an inspiring, 4-week series about shifting your perspective during some of life’s most defining moments.

At 12Stone, each message was delivered by a different teaching pastor during the month of July, and the messages themselves worked well as “stand-alone” teachings (for sporadic attendees who missed part of the series due to vacations).

Week 1: “Fearless” from Pastor Miles Welch – Fear holds us hostage. For a better life, we must change our perspective and become fearless.  Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27 

Week 2: “The New Is Here” from Pastor Dave Ronne – We can trust that Christ has begun a new work in us and will carry it to completion. See “Links” section below for a teaching illustration played during the message.  Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Week 3: “Pain” from Pastor Jason Berry – Inside of life’s painful moments are some of the best opportunities for hope. Once we understand this, it becomes a game changer for how we understand pain and use it as a platform for Christ.  See “Links” section below for one person’s inspiring video testimony to accompany this teaching.  Scripture:  John 11

Week 4: “The Power of Habit” from Pastor Sean Myers – We are what we repeatedly do. We all know the habits we should have, we just have a hard time identifying the habits we do have.  Scripture:  Luke 9:23

Included in this resource are the messages, sermon notes, graphics, project files, and a series bumper. Don’t miss the “Links” section for additional videos to the support the teachings.

  • Sermon video (web access)
  • Sermon audio (.mp3)
  • Sermon notes (.pdf)
  • Graphic (.jpg)
  • Project files (.rtf, .psd)
  • Support videos (web access)