A 4-week Christmas series for the month of December. The joy of the Christmas season comes not by receiving gifts, but doing good for others. In this series, we explore how creating a heartfelt Christmas we’ve always desired is actually found by giving ourselves away for the good of others.

Week 1: “Gear Up For Good” – During the Christmas season, we need to shift gears from “Feel Good” to “Do Good”.

Week 2: “Drill Down For Good” – When you chase Feel Good; it progressively destroys good. When you chase do good; it grows feel good!

Week 3: “Reach Our For Good” – Wherever God has you on the map, God has you on His mission.

Week 4: “Tradition & Truth” – Jesus is what separates the tradition about God from the truth about God. (Note: We do not have audio for our this message on Christmas Eve.)

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