Are you and your church ready for re-entry?

Learn 4-Ways Your Church Can Reopen After COVID-19 and sit in our Planning for Re-entry Videos! In these resources, we walk you through the four ways churches can reopen, provide practical steps to ensure the safety of your people, as well as share brainstorm sessions for re-entry.

Below you’ll find resources to help you serve during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us are wondering how to reach the people God has called us to pastor and serve. We want to be here to support you, so we’ve created a few resources to help you reach your people even if you can’t meet physically. Haga clic aquí para ver este recurso en español.

Virtual Good Friday Reflections Service

This virtual Good Friday service will allow you to reflect on emotions and thoughts of those immediately connected with Jesus during his arrest and death. What would be your emotions and thoughts if you were in their sandals?

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