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HEPHZIBAH62:4 (under the ‘umbrella’ of CMAD)
Director: Jodi Lewisjodi.lewis@hephzibah.org

The local church is uniquely positioned to love, protect, and advocate for vulnerable children, those who suffer because their families are in crisis. As a subsidiary of The Wesleyan Church, Hephzibah62:4 provides coaching, equipping resources, and financial support to churches throughout the U.S. and Canada so they can engage effectively with vulnerable children and families, for generational transformation.

  • FREE Prayer and Moblization Guidehephzibah.org/#guide – for insight and direction to meet the needs in your community. Disponible en español.
  • H62:4 Church Partnerhephzibah.org/partner/#partner-benefits-chart Download our FREE Prayer and Mobilization Guide – for a growing list of benefits for all Wesleyan churches
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